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Crying Wolf?

Has the manufactured hysteria over H1N1 influenza backfired? Quite possibly. Instead of the 8,000 immunizations the Salt Lake City health department expected to give out at a planned vaccination drive they actually administered a paltry 300. The Salt Lake Valley … Continue reading

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Sands Of Time

A story in sand, via The Los Angeles Times (found on Memeorandum): The artist’s name is Kseniya Simonova. This is a brilliant talent working in an unusual medium. UPDATE: The Telegraph narrates. This was a winning appearance on Ukraine’s Got … Continue reading

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…The Government Is Deaf

Salena Zito, writing in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Last Saturday’s “Tea Party” protest, spreading out across Capitol Hill, received little to no coverage; most news organizations wildly underreported the crowd’s size. Later, former president Jimmy Carter said racism is behind the rhetoric … Continue reading

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There’s Something Happening Here

What it is ain’t exactly clear. Apparently, Andrew Breitbart has a real bombshell coming next week – “from out of left field“. Update: Buffy Wicks? That name has popped up in the comments stemming from a comment/photo posted by Iowahawk … Continue reading

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