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Welcome To The Real World

When even a Slate writer begins to get that “liberal” is not what the left intends. You simply have got to go read this to appreciate it, please go over there. Ahem. I have been pointing this out for a … Continue reading

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That Vast Sucking Sound

McQ: Two things to note – as Cook notes, the number of Blue Dog districts comprise more than the Democratic majority in the House. If independents continue to desert Democrats in the numbers they have, it is not at all … Continue reading

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Those Who Misremember The Past…

…Are condemned to repeat the same errors, to paraphrase George Santayana. Arthur Laffer writes in The Wall Street Journal about some, apparently, misremembered lessons of the Great Depression: But the tax hikes didn’t stop there. In 1934, during the Roosevelt … Continue reading

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Hugh’s Five Simple Questions

Hugh Hewitt proposes five simple questions that should be asked of every member of Congress regarding ObamaCare: 2. The president and his allies agree that the cost of Medicare Advantage programs will have to increase for seniors. By how much? … Continue reading

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