Welcome To The Real World

When even a Slate writer begins to get that “liberal” is not what the left intends. You simply have got to go read this to appreciate it, please go over there.

Ahem. I have been pointing this out for a long time. Actually, I was pointing this out before I started the Crabitat. The new authoritarians have no problem with stretching the truth or the science to further their ultimate controlling agenda.

Nice to see some people are getting that – finally.

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2 Responses to Welcome To The Real World

  1. Rich Horton says:

    The sad fact is the Democratic party loathes and despises the average American. They are too fat because they dont eat soy burgers, too stupid because they wont use the “correct” kind of light bulb, and too reactionary because they believe they still have individual rights and the liberty to live their own lives as they see fit.

  2. Tully says:

    What Rich said. To add: The left despises everyone else because they make very poor subjects, much preferring to be citizens. To make it even worse, the more inclined they are to be citizens rather than subjects, the more likely they are to fairly well armed.

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