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The Washington Post suddenly discovers James O’Keefe III and Hannah Giles, the team who put together the ACORN sting videos:

Much of America discovered James O’Keefe III and Hannah Giles through their hidden-camera, make-believe pimp and prostitute videos of ACORN employees giving advice about establishing a brothel with underage hookers.

But as far back as 2006 – well before the videos became a national sensation and conservative rallying cry – the fresh-faced O’Keefe and Giles connected with a pair of Washington conservative institutions that boast programs training ideological journalists.

Now, due to coordinated promotion of the undercover sting footage by influential players in the conservative media, Giles and O’Keefe have gone from part of the pack to movement superstars.

Giles, a 20-year-old sophomore at Florida International University, spent the summer on a $1,200-a-month internship with the National Journalism Center, a training organization whose alumni include conservative commentator Ann Coulter. Immediately after graduating Rutgers University in 2006, O’Keefe, 25, was paid to set up magazines and newspapers on university campuses for the Leadership Institute, which recruits potential conservative public policy and media stars.

Each has other credentials that place them squarely in the network of activists who believe liberal-leaning mainstream media willfully ignore stories that illustrate the failings of the political left and its leaders.

Ok, then. Got the slant on the article? They are “professional” activists. As opposed to what? What ACORN is? They are not getting billions in taxpayer money to do what they are doing, unlike ACORN. Go read the whole thing, because O’Keefe and Giles come out looking very, very good, while ACORN looks – if anything – even worse than ever.

O’Keefe and Giles are now being sued by ACORN – and one simply cannot wait for the discovery phase. Because ACORN has a lot to lose here. The suit is, frankly, stupid. ACORN fired the employees involved right after the videos aired – they are going to get their butts handed to them in court – after a lot more dirty laundry gets aired out.

UPDATE: The lawsuit against the makers of the ACORN sting videos is now really, really big news in the media – unlike the videos themselves. But the media is on the wrong side on this one. If the lawsuit does succeed, the cherished ambush, hidden video techniques of the media are shut right off. Think about that, MSM. Stop carrying water for Obama and start doing your job.

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5 Responses to This Should Be Interesting

  1. Peter says:

    They can’t do their job. It’s been over twenty years since they hired anyone with the qualities that make a good reporter. To be a reporter one must first be curious. Sorry, what we have are Journalists, people who got into the biz because they wanted “to make a difference”. Well, they did make a difference, the WaPo loses $1.10 per copy. And with all those fancy degrees they have, nobody there can figure out why.

    If the WaPo would only fire their whole staff and then stage something exciting, an auto accident, a fake robbery-gunfight, stuff like that and then hire the kid that elbows his/her way to the front, give ’em a notebook and a camera and send them out, with a good copy editor to make the article readable, then they’d start making money again. All those fancy degrees and they cannot understand that folks buy newspapers and watch the TV news to find out what is going on, not to get propaganda.

  2. Straight8 says:

    If acorn’s lawsuit is allowed to continue(and I hope it does), there should be a lot more of acorn’s dirty laundry hanging out for everyone to see.

  3. feeblemind says:

    At first I thought ACORN was stupid for filing suit as well. After reading the comments at the Volokh Conspiracy, I am not so sure. For example, in Maryland it is illegal to record the voices of people without their knowledge in private conversation. Was the interview a ‘private conversation’? Sounds like that might be what ACORN focuses on rather than the content of the information that was exchanged.

  4. alanstorm says:

    feeblemind, 2 things come to mind:

    1) I remember reading something about a week ago implying that ACORN was not opererating legally in MD. If that’s the case, it’s hard to see where they would have a leg to stand on in bringing a suit in the first place. Anybody out there got any info on whether that allegation holds water, and whether it would affect the suit?

    2) Would these be private conversations at all? One would think so on first glance, but I have to wonder if the public funding ACORN receives would alter that expectation. Anybody know?


  5. Tully says:

    ACORN and ACORN Housing let their licenses to do business in Maryland lapse, in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Ordinarily that’s not a big deal as a corp can just pay their back taxes and be reinstated, but my understanding is that one of the things you lose when you fall out of good standing is the right to sue. Since they were not in good standing at the time of the incident, they may indeed have no standing at all to sue in Maryland courts.

    The suit alleges “loss of reputation” rather than defamation, but in other cases the courts have held that such wording is an attempt to avoid the affirmative defense of “truth” that applies in defamation cases. You cannot defame by telling the truth.

    Even funnier, the suit has the employees suing for their oss of employment, but ACORN is a co-plaintiff and is the org that fired them.

    Apparently ACIRN has never heard the old saying about what to stop doing when you find yourself in a hole.

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