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It’s legit. Her pops sent out a blast e-mail about it a little while ago and I’m told the link’s posted on his Facebook page, so fire away. Not that she’ll need the money: The lawsuit’s weak, the jury will be on her side, and apparently Hannity’s set to beam this link out to America on tonight’s show, which means she’ll be swimming in dough come morning. Still, it’s a way to thank her for her work and to reward her for her courage, which is now being recognized by U.S. Senators. Free advice to the fund administrators, though: Add a $5 option so that people can make micro-donations. There’s big money in that. Ask the president.

I’ll post the info for O’Keefe’s defense fund once it’s available. (Why don’t they have a joint fund, incidentally?)

Andrew Breitbart drew blood – serious blood – with this effort by O’Keefe and Giles. I fully expect that he will stand by them through this lawsuit, but kicking in some funds is a good thing, too. It sends a message that there is still a powerful opposition that will not be steamrollered in this country.

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  1. J says:

    I would assume that, besides the links to obama, soros is involved in ACORN and I hope the brave people that are exposing this corruption, survive the attacks.

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