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Doing Letterman Is Not Progress

Howard Fineman has seen enough: There is only so much political mileage that can still be had by his reminding the world that he is not George W. Bush. It was the winning theme of the 2008 campaign, but that race … Continue reading

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You Are My Density

A (very) long piece by James P. Hogan at Lew Rockwell is worth reading. Some of it is purely speculative, but it covers a lot of interesting ground. (Generally speaking, it is longer than I suspect most web readers will … Continue reading

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Dead Ends

Imagine a whole generation of young people who have virtually no chance of doing better – or even as well – as their parents. Well, it is not a thought experiment. It is a very real possibility, right here in … Continue reading

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That’s My Soul Up There

Dead salmon (not, apparently, frozen in a waterfall) responds to pictures of people. Not. A dead salmon has become a scientific celebrity after its brain supposedly lit up when shown pictures of humans during a brain scan. Some bloggers last week reported … Continue reading

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Website Upgrade

I have just finished updating to the latest version of WordPress. As far as I can tell, everything appears to be working at this time. Please do let me know if you encounter a glitch, however. Tweet

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Walking Away

The LA Times reports on a troubling trend. People with good credit who simply walk away from their mortgages: * The number of strategic defaults is far beyond most industry estimates — 588,000 nationwide during 2008, more than double the … Continue reading

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