Got Snuggies?

If you happen to live in the Northeastern United States, you might want to order several sets of long underwear. It’s looking to be cold up in those parts:

“Weak El Ninos are notorious for cold and snowy weather on the Eastern seaboard,” Rogers said in a Bloomberg Television interview from Washington. “About 70 percent to 75 percent of the time a weak El Nino will deliver the goods in terms of above-normal heating demand and cold weather. It’s pretty good odds.”

Warming in the Pacific often means fewer Atlantic hurricanes and higher temperatures in the U.S. Northeast during January, February and March, according to the National Weather Service. El Nino occurs every two to five years, on average, and lasts about 12 months, according to the service.

How good are the odds? Well, hedge fund managers and traders are betting that heating oil prices are going up. That should tell you something (the Northeast uses an inordinate amount of heating oil).

In the Midwest, it has been a very cold summer – according to folks who have lived in this area all their lives. Coupled with Rich Horton’s post about the so-called science a lot of AGW hysteria is based on, you should have some food for thought. (If you have not read Rich’s post, now is a good time to do so.)

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2 Responses to Got Snuggies?

  1. Steve Burri says:

    We are under frost warnings tonight in southern WI. Hard freeze farther north. Has Al Gore been here recently or something?

  2. gary gulrud says:

    Central MN: Obliged for the alert. If cloud cover in the Tropics is up like it is here, we are in for multiple cold winters, thank you.

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