Quid Pro Quo?

I suspect AllahPundit has this precisely right. After assuring America that health care “reform” was his number one priority, much, much more important than appealing in person to the International Olympic Committee, Barack Obama is flitting off to Denmark to appeal in person to the IOC for Chicago to get the Olympics. Why?

AP (and NRO’s Jim Geraghty) thinks the IOC secretly offered the games to Chicago only if Obama showed up.

Geraghty’s spot on. There’s no way The One would risk his political capital on a personal appeal in Denmark unless he’d been assured that Chicago will get the games if he makes a cameo. It’s a done deal; the only question is who approached whom. I think the IOC probably forced his hand: Given the terrible optics of the trip plus the fact that, as Geraghty reminds us, Obama said as recently as two weeks ago that he wouldn’t go himself, he had every incentive to avoid this — unless the IOC sweetened the pot by promising him the games if he showed up. Once they did that, he had no choice.

My son, only 14, heard the report with me in the car driving home yesterday. He commented, “The president should stop with the PR stuff and do his job”. Smart kid.

So, if the fix is in, as it almost certainly is, how screwed are the other cities feeling right now? Eventually, the facts about this will leak out. There are plenty of people who will want to make sure of that.

I’d like to join AP in thanking the IOC and Obama for handing the right a club with which to beat both. You know that corruption will be rampant given the venue (and the apparent means by which the venue was chosen), so the opportunities to administer beatings will be boundless!


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2 Responses to Quid Pro Quo?

  1. martian says:

    The only problem is, even if it ‘leaks out’ that this was the case, the general public will never hear of it. The AP and the rest of the DPMP will never allow it to become major news. It might show up on FOX but the DPMP has everyone convinced that the people at FOX are nothing more than far right wing nuts that don’t report real news. I’ve actually heard people that I personally know are fairly middle of the road claiming that the people on FOX make things up to accuse Democrats with. In that toxic atmosphere, how can anyone expect to hear the truth?

  2. Sam says:

    I think Mr. Obama is desperately looking for a win of any sort, now that his health care proposal seems to be “a late parrot”. And talking to people seems to be all that he is capable of doing.

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