Something I Never Thought I’d Say….

Susan Estrich actually has some common sense:

Roman the Rapist

He had sex with a 13-year-old girl. He got her to go to Jack Nicholson’s house by promising that she would be in a photo shoot. When she got there, he fed her a Quaalude and alcohol — champagne for a 13-year-old, how enticing — and then he raped her.

Roman Polanski was on his way to a film festival in which he was to be honored for his life’s work when he was arrested last weekend. Some 100 European big shots have released a statement in protest: “Filmmakers in France, in Europe, in the United States and around the world are dismayed by this decision. It seems inadmissible to them that an international cultural event, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers, is used by the police to apprehend him.”

I’ve got news for the big shots: International cultural events are not safe havens for criminals, nor is there any reason they should be. A criminal is a criminal, even if he is “one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers.” There’s nothing “inadmissible” about it, guys.

Do read it all. I definitely do not agree with most of what Estrich believes in, but on this one, I’m on the same side.

For a sanitized, but still extremely unpleasant description of what Roman Polanski, darling of the Hollywood “elite”, did to a 13-year old girl, ABC News has the details.

Defending the indefensible in the name of “art” shows just how badly out of touch with this country the majority of the Hollywoodenheads are. There have been, thankfully, some voices on the left who are repulsed by Polanski and his defenders.

Thank you. Thank you Susan Estrich for calling a criminal a criminal and standing up for justice.

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6 Responses to Something I Never Thought I’d Say….

  1. John says:

    As much as I usually disagree with Susan Estrich, she has always been a voice of reason on the left. She stands for principal, and always has. I admire her, and disagree with her, but she has always had, and I hope always will have, integrity.

  2. megapotamus says:

    Looks like a systemic memory failure across the universe on Estrich. This detestable shill is coming quite late to the outrage party and her outrage only extends so far. Doesn’t anyone remember that Estrich founded her talking head career as a serial appologist for the serial rapist Bill Clinton? Doesn’t anyone remember the vicious bile she heaped upon Juanita Broaderick whom Clinton raped when he was AG of Arkansas? Estrich reviled and derided any such assertion by Broaderick, likewise she did not merely dismiss Paula Jones; she attacked her in the most vile terms for committing the crime of being exposed to Clinton’s penis at her place of work. Kathleen Willey was likewise a victim of both Clinton and Estrich. When it came to light that Clinton sexually assaulted this woman in the Oval Office on the day she became a widow Estrich declared that even if this were true, which she claimed it was not, this would not constitute workplace harassment since it was only a single incident. This is the kind of moral outrage this flack demonstrates, practices and is lauded for. Big, big mistake. By next Mon Polanski will have hired her as a PR flack and all will be fine and dandy. Estrich constantly used her status as an alleged victim of “rape” to excoriate any and all women who fell before the sexual appetites of her hero and benefactor, Bill Clinton. Every Polanski defense she now declaims she practiced daily on cable television for years. The only thing more disgusting than this fraud masquerading as a caring human being is that so many people who should remember her role in the Clinton rapes and assualts, over years, have forgotten. Shame all around.

  3. Andrew X says:

    The always good ‘Ace of Spades’ blog had a sentence buried in a posting on this that was a genuine gem of pithy truth, that really really does explain in one line why Hollywood can act in such a bizarre manner time after time after time…

    “People in Hollywood and all affiliated parasitic industries are insecure — for good reason. They really could lose everything for spurning the wrong person and not sucking up to the right person.”

    Apply that wisdom to Hollywood on a meta-scale, and so much becomes clear.

  4. Sam says:

    Sorry to be so dense, but who is Susan Estrich?

  5. Tully says:

    Roman Polanski was on his way to a film festival in which he was to be honored for his life’s work when he was arrested last weekend.

    LOL. Said arrest constituting an appropriate “honor” for some of his “life’s work.”

  6. megapotamus says:

    Tully… Word.
    This is one Lifetime Achievement Award this putrid gnome has actually earned.

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