Form, Not Substance

If this report is correct, then Barack Obama is even less than many people already think:

The President is believed to have angered the European leaders by insisting on delaying a joint press conference until after he had chaired a meeting of the UN Security Council.

Mr Obama is said to have been worried the announcement would undermine the impact of his session on nuclear non-proliferation.

Details of the disagreement appeared to explain why Mr Brown and Mr Sarkozy, the French president, took a harder line on Iran than the American leader at the meeting

The Prime Minister said it was time “to draw a line in the sand” on Tehran’s nuclear programme while the Frenchman mocked Mr Obama for the naivety of his “dreams” of eliminating nuclear weapons.

According to French officials, Mr Brown and particularly Mr Sarkozy wanted to make a declaration on Sep 24, either at the Security Council meeting chaired by the US president or just afterwards.

The Europeans considered that there was no better stage from which to tell the world that the three countries’ intelligence services had worked together to uncover an underground uranium enrichment facility under construction at Qom.

But Mr Obama did not want to “spoil the image of success” of his disarmament session, which passed a resolution to work towards a nuclear-free world and a host of measures designed to control the spread of nuclear weapons and reduce existing stocks.

Frankly, I rather suspect that the report is not only true, but is part of why the Obama magic failed so dismally today when the won could not secure the Olympic gravy train for his Chicago buddies. Europe has sen though Obama in a very short time – and found that there is not much more than form there. Great with a TelePrompTer, not much else.

The substance is lacking, the image is everything. But the image is very, very thin, indeed.

Via Memeorandum.

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2 Responses to Form, Not Substance

  1. Carol Herman says:

    You can’t fool me. The bamster knew the gamble. And, that’s why he called in Oprah ‘for cover.’ His job, since he decided to undertake it … was to CHANGE THE SUBJECT. To reclaim the ball that Andrew Breitbart swiped away with the ACORN revelations. So, now you also see shreds of ACORN being swept under the rug.

    As to the “insult from Copenhagen,” you go and tell me this really mattered? Because I don’t think it did. I think inside the sausage making factory that we call politics, it was an idea to “switch and bait.” Hey, some of you probably also think Letterman is crying into his cup? But, I don’t buy that one, either. I see Letterman’s ratings ZOOMING up. As he races ahead of Jay Leno.

    Sure. Obama knows he’s got problems. BUT he had dropped all White House interference onto the heads of Pelosi and Reid. Believe it or not, when the “bills” fail to materialize, IF the fail to materialize, the blame goes to the congress critters who got greedy.

    While the Olympics Committee became terrified of discovery! They saw the crowds! And, they knew IF they didn’t fail the USA, immediately, Breitbart would roll out his material against Valerie Jarrett’s Chicago real estate holdings. Just waiting for funding by getting a “green light” … from the Euro-weenies. Hardly likely to be that big a splash, folks. But you’re not going to see the Olympics committee’s ability to steal money getting exposed do ya?

  2. Mockingbird says:

    Yes, the image is thin.
    Alot of us could see the label on Obama’s dress shirt back in 2004.
    I went to the tea party in Callahan, FL today. I listened to doctors educated at med schools like U. of Miami and Vanderbilt and Emory. Very accomplished and giving people who make Obama and his crew look like a bunch of fire ants in a bowl of grits.

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