Through A Doctor’s Eyes

Many of us have been trying to warn people that the health care “reform” being pushed by Obama and his minions in Congress will be a full-blown disaster for this country. How about if a doctor takes a look at what he sees coming for us?

Thinking about her and those like her makes me very angry. Should I tell her that the very art of medicine that I rely on to take care of her is in mortal jeopardy? I barely have enough time with my growing list of patients to concentrate on her case as it is, and the reform will bring me more patients with lower payments. Should I mention that many of my contemporaries (the network she relies on) are no longer accepting her Medicare, even before the reform bills sink their claws into it and cut Medicare to the bone with hundreds of billions in cuts?

Should I say that primary care doctors like me already designate an employee to deal entirely with insurance, and that this problem will only get worse as we move in the direction of comparative effectiveness studies and bundling payments based on so-called quality? I lay awake at night thinking of the services I will deliver only to be denied payment.


Increasing government oversight will not only hurt doctors in the pocketbook, as reimbursements are inevitably cut. It will also lead to greater bureaucratic inefficiencies. There will be more paperwork, less approvals and less time for cures.

Please go read the whole thing.

What “reform” will do is create a massive, very expensive bureaucracy. Indications are that insurance costs will soar – rapidly. Levels of care will diminish – unless you’re a member of that Federal bureaucracy, of course. Because Congress and Federal employees will be exempted from this scheme. They will continue getting their solid-platinum health care on our dime.

While we get worse care costing ever more. Then come the brutal tax hikes to pay for all the “free” care.

What the “reform” will not do is improve health care or cut the cost of insurance.

Stay focused, folks. This is very important. We have to stop Obama’s “reform”.

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3 Responses to Through A Doctor’s Eyes

  1. Maggie says:

    My middle daughter is a pre-med senior in college who will graduate in the spring either “Summa Cum Laude” or “Magna Cum Laude”.

    So far she has been invited to 6 medical schools for interviews in the last month and a half. (The acceptance letters have begun to arrive, and chances are she will have HER pick of a medical school before she’s done … not to mention the US military is after her too).

    I should be so excited and happy for all her hard work and accomplishments, which include rare undergrad work (paid) in the university’s biochem lab for most of her college time, tutoring for the university in math and chemistry depts. (paid), and currently writing a paper to be published on her research in the biochem lab … including continued awards in chemistry.

    She’s what the whole family and my friends call “scary smart”.

    I should be excited for her.

    Instead I’m anxious and fearful.

    I only pray she is more optimistic. BTW, the ObamaCare issue is continually brought up at the medical school interviews. She is honest and firm in her opposition to government run healthcare, and backs up her views with facts.

    As to the military recruiting, she had considered it (Navy) before the election, but informed the recruiter that if Obama had won she would not sign up to serve under him as CiC.

    However, now that she will have to take out loans for medical school, and it appears the loans will be controlled by the government with mandated ‘serve’ time attached, she now says she would go into the Navy and owe the military her years of payback for funding her medical schooling and obey THEIR orders of where to practice instead of owing/obeying “The One”.

  2. Sean the Maggot says:

    Maggie, I have a friend in similar situation. Bright and motivated, in medical school wanting to be a pediatrician. She almost cried when talking about “ObamaCare”. Which put me into instant cold rage. I hate to see her and others like this, she, along with your daughter and others, can make medicine ROCK. Until El Uno comes along and futz things up royally.

    I do hope that it will never pass. For the sake of people like your daughter, my friend, and their future patients.

  3. Maggie says:

    Thanks, Sean. My best to your friend too.

    I think it was a week ago Glenn Beck had an entire TV show with half practicing docs and half med school students. It was really quite telling to see the support for ObamaCare the students had, and the opposition to it the experienced docs had. Someone put it up on YT

    Funny, but all that support for such a system would go quickly when those young up-starts would be told where/when/who to practice … and who NOT to practice on. And then comes the fact they grew up in the richest society in the world where people start out on the bottom rung with the great expectations of climbing up to the freedom their career offers. They have no clue what it would mean to be told they couldn’t do it the way they wanted to do it.

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