A “Jobless Recovery” Is Not A Recovery At All

Julian Zelizer:

But the so-called jobless recovery — a term that in fact suggests we are not seeing an actual recovery — threatens both parties politically. For Democrats, the threat is twofold. The first is that voters unhappy with economic conditions could take it out on the party in power.

The other threat is that the failure to resolve high rates of joblessness will open Democrats up to the neo-populist attacks some Republicans have been employing as they blame the administration for focusing on saving Wall Street but not doing much for Main Street.

Zelizer also warns Republicans are vulnerable. Gee, really?

Urged on by leaders like former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska and Dick Armey, the former House majority leader from Texas, they have come to defeat Dede Scozzafava, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 23rd District, whose views on abortion, same-sex marriage and taxes they deem insufficiently conservative for anyone running as a Republican.

They have committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the effort and plan to run 800 radio spots, print 80,000 leaflets and recruit some 200 volunteers to work the polls on Election Day next Tuesday.

Understand something here, folks. If Hoffman pulls this off and beats both a (sort of) Republican and a Democrat, there is a real – severe – problem about to hit Washington. Business as usual will be rearranged rather severely for the political class.

Hoffman has, for all intents and purposes come out of nowhere and set the Republican party insiders who ran a pretty far-left candidate with a Republican logo glued on back on their heels.

The insiders need to pay attention here.

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3 Responses to A “Jobless Recovery” Is Not A Recovery At All

  1. checkers says:

    I rather hope they don’t pay attention. The insiders are the problem. If they just pretend to go along with the grass roots America we will just have another bunch of RINO’s again. They need to all go. The sooner the better.

  2. gary gulrud says:

    Thompson, Palin, Bachmann, et al., have providentially settled on the best path given our two party system. Government reform in 2010 doesn’t focus on Donks but hammering GOP.

    Its the voter that needs to pay attention, their grandchildren are watching.

  3. ropelight says:

    Gallup reports 20% of voters identify themselves as Republicans. 40% ID as Conservatives.

    If the GOP wants to win elections, the message couldn’t be more clear: nominate candidates Conservatives can support or remain unwitting, recalcitrant, and unworthy.

    NY-23 is the test, and The GOP flunked.

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