The Big Fraud

Mona Charen:

The Wall Street Journal provided a handy chart of “Uncle Sam’s Cost Overruns.” In 1965, when Medicaid was enacted, the House Ways and Means Committee estimated that first year costs would amount to about $238 million. The actual price was $1 billion. The program now costs $251 billion annually and is climbing fast. The record is similar for Medicare. In 1965, Congress predicted that by 1990, Medicare would be costing $12 billion. The actual cost — $90 billion. As Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget has admitted, “If costs per enrollee in Medicare and Medicaid grow at the same rate over the next four decades as they have over the past four, those two programs will increase from 5 percent of GDP today to 20 percent by 2050.”

So the same people who brought you cost spirals in Medicare and Medicaid now propose to introduce another government health program. Don’t worry, they assure us, we know how to provide efficiencies. It’s not necessary to dwell on the risible claim that they will cut half a trillion in waste from the Medicare budget. If they know where that waste is, why aren’t they cutting it now? Where, on the books, are the federal waste-cutting initiatives?

Charen dissects two of the ludicrous claims made by the won on how he will cut costs. Please go read the whole piece. It is devastating.

The entire exercise in health care “reform” is a fraud, top to bottom. Look at the track record. Do you really think these people can fix anything? Do you really think government will run anything efficiently?

Look at the track record.

Start calling, start writing. Get loud. This economy killer has got to be stopped.

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  1. ropelight says:

    Gaius said, “Start calling, start writing. Get loud. This economy killer has got to be stopped.”

    I’m on-board. Yesterday I went to Arcadia, Florida, to protest Obama as he visited a solar generation project. There were about 500-600 people there, some for, but most against, the President.

    The vast majority of those opposed were older, white, seniors. Those for Obama were largely Afro-American and Lefty fellow travelers. Very few young people were there. Now, I’m not pointing fingers, the event did occur between 11am and 2pm on a school day.

    I met people who had come from Tampa, Sarasota, and Sebring to oppose Obama. I also met quite a few folks who had been in Washington DC on 9/12, they all confirmed more than 2 million attended the DC event contrary to what MSM reported.

    Here, nearly everyone behaved themselves, except two nutty women supporters armed with a powerful loud speaker who tried to disrupt a local WINK-TV interview with Tea Party people.

    The Tea Party people, who incidentally were better dressed for the occasion, had more and much better signs, chairs, umbrellas, and snacks, countered the aggression by chanting, “Follow the Constitution, Follow the Constitution, etc.” It worked, and the interlopers were forced to beat a hasty retreat least the TV cameras catch them attempting to provoke an incident.

    The general experience reminded me of old times back in California during the late 60s and early 70s. I was at the Campus-by-the-Sea when the bank burned down. Only this time the cops weren’t shooting at me.

    Obama’s detractors actually cheered for the police after his motorcade was far enough away so there wouldn’t be any confusion over who was being celebrated. The cops had done a good job controlling traffic on a busy 65 MPH highway, making sure the President’s motorcade moved along unimpeded, and the demonstrators not only had access, but also remained civil.

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