Windows 7 Update

Yesterday, I got my aging Palm Tungsten E2 all connected up to the new HP laptop using Bluetooth. It took several tries for Windows 7 to find the right settings for the out-of-date Palm Desktop software, but once it did, everything connected with no fuss. It works perfectly now.

Thus far, my one complaint with Windows 7 is not with the operating system itself. Rather it is with Internet Explorer 8 which I am rapidly learning to hate with a passion. It is very slow to load. I mean ridiculously slow. Even when opening a new tab.

Firefox has no trouble and is pretty near instantaneous when started.

Other than that, no problems to report. (I still haven’t worked up the ambition to tackle updating the kid’s computers yet, however. I’ve been kind of busy these past few days.)

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One Response to Windows 7 Update

  1. Sam says:

    I was having slow response problems with Firefox on my XP machine, and went to Google Chrome instead. So far I like it. Haven’t spent any time on IE8 though.

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