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Carbon Jackboots

Mark Steyn on carbon fascism from jet-setting bureaucrats: In order to save the planet from global roasting, it seems entirely reasonable to ask Mr. and Mrs. Joe Peasant to subordinate their freedom of movement to an annual “carbon allowance” preventing … Continue reading

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The View From Bedford Falls

Salena Zito points out that Main Street, USA may not actually resemble the America that Washington politicians believe exists: His sentiment was said without attending a “Tea Party” or railing against an elected official at a town hall – the … Continue reading

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Is That CRU Or Crew?

As in mafia crew? Christopher Booker is warning that there appears to be a preemptive whitewashing of the CRU scandal. They must not be allowed to gather their cronies and co-conspirators and stonewall this scandal. What is tragically evident from … Continue reading

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Your Aluminum Finish, Slightly Diminished

An odd little story out of Venezuela. Despite (or maybe because of) the antics of (T)hugo Chavez, Venezuelans are flocking to plastic surgeons. Going into debt to get a nip and tuck or a boob job: “There is never a … Continue reading

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You Keep Using That Word….

… I do not think it means what you think it means. Mark Steyn looks at what “peer-reviewed” means in the world of climate change true-believer thuggery: But don’t worry, it’s all “peer-reviewed.” Here’s what Phil Jones of the CRU … Continue reading

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A Belief In Magic…

…Is no way to run a country. Matthew Continetti, writing at The Weekly Standard, explains the magical thinking the Democrats have engaged in for the past year: Next time you run into a group of Democrats, offer to splash water … Continue reading

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What ObamaCare Will Bring

No, the Democrats will not be smarter or better with their schemes for health care. They will drag us right down a road others have already traveled. And you and yours will pay for it. The scandal of filthy and … Continue reading

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Or why a relatively tiny place like Dubai could be big trouble for the American banking system. And while UK banks, such as Standard Chartered, HSBC (HBC), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Barclays (BCS) are much more exposed to … Continue reading

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The Reality Show Based Community

One rather suspects that the Secret Service is collectively very, very upset at the moment. As they should be. A White House official, informed of Bravo’s statement, said that was not the case. “We’ve already confirmed that they weren’t invited,” … Continue reading

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McQ at QandO has a rather good name for the latest climate “data” revelations out of New Zealand. Another supposed authority on global warming appears to have been caught falsifying data: As an aside, I’m going with the “quiddick” suffix … Continue reading

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Seriously, have you ever seen an ego this big in the White House before? I have been around for a number of years and have lived through the presidencies of enough presidents to make me wince. But the blatant, unprecedented … Continue reading

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Those Not Consulted

Before Barack Obama decided to try the 9/11 masterminds in New York (while setting up Eric Holder to be the fall guy when something goes wrong) perhaps he might have consulted a few – more than a few, actually – … Continue reading

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Environmental Determinism Makes A Comeback

Really, what passes for “science” these days is hysterical. From the BBC: Climate ‘is a major cause’ of conflict in Africa Climate has been a major driver of armed conflict in Africa, research shows – and future warming is likely … Continue reading

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Those Dam Kangaroos

Man’s best friend – and man – assaulted by dam kangaroo: A ROGUE kangaroo put a Victoria man in hospital after he tried to stop it from drowning his dog in a farm dam. Chris Rickard, 49, of Arthurs Creek, … Continue reading

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The Truth About Government Motors

Edward Niedermeyer reveals the truth about the surprise announcement that General Motors would “repay” loans from the American taxpayers – even as it reported a huge loss for the third quarter. It seems that the “repayment” is anything but in … Continue reading

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