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Those Dam Kangaroos

Man’s best friend – and man – assaulted by dam kangaroo: A ROGUE kangaroo put a Victoria man in hospital after he tried to stop it from drowning his dog in a farm dam. Chris Rickard, 49, of Arthurs Creek, … Continue reading

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The Truth About Government Motors

Edward Niedermeyer reveals the truth about the surprise announcement that General Motors would “repay” loans from the American taxpayers – even as it reported a huge loss for the third quarter. It seems that the “repayment” is anything but in … Continue reading

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Carter The Second

When even the Germans are tired of Barack Obama and are comparing the Wizard of O to Jimmy Carter, one begins to suspect that the US has a real problem on its hands. There are many indications that the man … Continue reading

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Another Obama Overseas Trip, Another Economic Blow

Today, the MSM is trumpeting the rise in home sales, trying to ignore that those homes sold because of a soon-to-expire tax credit (since extended) and the fact that sales prices tumbled hard. This is supposed to hint that the … Continue reading

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