Those Not Consulted

Before Barack Obama decided to try the 9/11 masterminds in New York (while setting up Eric Holder to be the fall guy when something goes wrong) perhaps he might have consulted a few – more than a few, actually – real stakeholders. Like those who lost family members in the Twin Towers. People like Peter Regan, who lost his father, a New York firefighter, on that day.

I will never be convinced that these terrorists did not commit an act of war. And committing an act of war does not qualify these men to enjoy the rights and liberties of the citizens of this country, rights that so many have died to protect.

I do not care to hear any explanation or reason for such an act. To give these savages an audience is wrong. I detest a decision that gives them a public forum blocks from the still highly visible act of hate.

I urge this administration to reconsider its decision to try these men in a civilian courtroom. And give them another opportunity to spew their hate.

I’m on the record on this one already. These murderous thugs are illegal combatants under the Geneva Conventions and are not worthy of civilian legal protections under American law. Period. They are mass murderers who committed an act of illegal war against the United States. They should be tried in a military court, not in New York City.

And Obama should not be spitting on the families of the victims in this fashion.

I’m quite sure the Wizard of O will not reconsider his decision (his decision, not Holder’s) unless the polls really show this is damaging him. In which case he will cheerfully throw Holder under the bus and reverse course.

So get loud, people. This decision is an affront to the victims, to the nation itself and even kicks dirt on so-called international law. Make sure the polls show that this decision hurts the one and the decision will be changed.

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4 Responses to Those Not Consulted

  1. piscivorous says:

    while this is an excellent appeal to emotion what does it really have to do with the issue.

  2. Straight8 says:

    People who want (and try)to destroy a country (ours) are given the same rights as the citizens of that country which they are trying to destroy. By the government that they want to destroy.
    We are living in terrifying times.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    How can we get loud? After all, the Democrats are ignoring our rallies, protests, petitions, townhall meetings, tea parties, phone calls by forging ahead with the health care bill that we do not want.

    What can we do?

  4. ropelight says:

    piscivorous asked, “…what does it really have to do with the issue.”

    It has to do with torture, of course. Let me explain. To return the jihadis to the site of their greatest glory, the bloodthirsty slaughter of nearly 3000 infidels so they can dance on the graves of their victims, and then to consolidate their wondrous achievement with a PR bonanza in the world’s greatest media center, well, we just have to step back in awe, it’s the most magnificient moment in the long and violent history of Islam’s Holy War against the Infidels.

    But, consider that everyone just might not see it that way, you might try putting yourself in the shoes of one of the family members who lost someone on that day. If you have a pretty good imagination, you’ll understand why giving the guys who murdered your mother, father, son, or daughter, a platform to broadcast a list of grievances designed to portray the jihadis as victims and to blame America might be more than a little emotionally upsetting.

    Those people, in their anger and confusion, could even come to consider that Barack Obama and Eric Holder were torturing them unnecessarily. Perhaps a majority of other Americans might agree. They might even begin to ask inconvenient questions…and perhaps even to demand answers instead of lies.

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