What ObamaCare Will Bring

No, the Democrats will not be smarter or better with their schemes for health care. They will drag us right down a road others have already traveled.

And you and yours will pay for it.

The scandal of filthy and inadequate NHS hospitals deepened yesterday as figures revealed more than 3,000 patients could be dying needlessly every year.

Death rates are abnormally high at a fifth of trusts in England, with some 3,145 excess deaths at 26 hospitals during 2007/08.

The figures come at a time of collapsing public confidence in the NHS after two reports within 24 hours revealed high numbers of needless deaths at hospitals.

Yesterday, the chairman of Colchester Hospital in Essex, Richard Bourne, was sacked after it emerged that death rates were a massive 12 per cent higher than expected last year.

It means that there are likely to have been dozens of excess deaths at the trust, where regulators said safety was a low priority and patients had to wait months for treatment.

These are “flagship” medical trusts in Britain. These are as good as it gets under Britain’s socialized medicine.

This is what Obama and the left are gung ho to impose on America. This is what a “public option” looks like in the wild, so to speak.

How’s that hopeandchange working for you, folks?

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