A Belief In Magic…

…Is no way to run a country. Matthew Continetti, writing at The Weekly Standard, explains the magical thinking the Democrats have engaged in for the past year:

Next time you run into a group of Democrats, offer to splash water on their faces. They’ve spent 2009 in a dream state, and it’s time they wake up. They’re convinced that they can subsidize health insurance for millions of people while also “bending the cost curve” of health care spending. They want to sign us up for the political equivalent of one of those three-step “eat more to lose weight” diets. Step one: Pile on the expenditures, regulations, taxes, and fees. Step two: Close your eyes. Step three: Pray it all works out in the end.

Sorry, it won’t. Entitlements cost money, and they almost invariably cost more than the government’s initial predictions. When you increase demand for a product and the supply remains fixed, the price rises. Thanks to the individual mandate, the Democratic health care bills lasso Americans into a heavily regulated health insurance oligopoly. All these new consumers will wander through the government-run “exchanges,” buying the plans they can afford with taxpayer subsidies. As demand for health care increases, so will the cost.

There is nothing, literally nothing, that the Federal government runs without gross inefficiencies, waste and, all-too-often, fraud. Yet they want to get their mitts on a huge chunk of the American economy and promise that this time the magic will be there.

If you believe that, I have some really great real estate for you to buy. Small, unmarked bills only.

If you believe a power-mad Pelosi, a bumbling Reid and the world’s only Superbower* will end up cutting health care costs with their program, you seriously need your medication adjusted. Just don’t count on it happening under ObamaCare.

This bill will cripple the American economy, increase health care costs and cut the quality of care. Magical thinking will not change those things.

* Thank you Mark Steyn for a wonderful moniker for Obama.

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