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Ice Scream In

I scream, you scream we all scream for the blizzard to stop screwing up our delivered wisdom… A downtown protest of the climate change talks in Copenhagen became a victim of Wednesday’s snowstorm. “Not many people showed up because of … Continue reading

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A Vacuous Weltanschauung

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the Obama worldview (that’s the translation of the word in the post title) and sees why nothing is working for Obama: In 2007 candidate Obama had some interesting theories about the world abroad — not … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve

The plans my wife and I had for this evening fell through. So we are staying home and just threw dinner into the oven (the screaming ended after a few minutes). My youngest boy is watching a Twilight Zone marathon … Continue reading

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How Bad Will It Be?

James Pethokoukis from Reuters is predicting that the Democrats will lose the House in 2010. He cites a number of reasons, including this one: 7. Discontent with Democrats. At the same time, the generic congressional ballot has shifted from a … Continue reading

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Swine WHO?

The “pandemic” of swine flu killed something like 11,500 people, worldwide. (Well, until they take two years or so to cook the books, then it will be revealed that 78 zillion people actually died in less than a nanosecond). The … Continue reading

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So, Which Is It?

Janet Napolitano said on Sunday that the system worked. (On Monday, she tap danced around and said it didn’t.) By Tuesday, Obama is decrying a “systemic failure”.  Get the feeling you have a bunch of rank amateurs in charge of … Continue reading

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A Dagger Aimed At America

From within. Mark Steyn: That’s why I believe America’s belated embrace of government health care will be far more expensive and disastrous than the Euro-Canadian models. Whatever one’s philosophical objection to the Canadian health system, it is, broadly, fair: Unless … Continue reading

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Democrats Screwing The Middle Class

Jennifer Rubin points out that even the leftward leaning are beginning to wake up to the fact that ObamaCare is a rotten deal: How could Democrats come up with such a scheme? Well, as Herbert points out, the idea is … Continue reading

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The War Against The Not-So-Rich

Victor Davis Hanson: There is class warfare going on in this country — but it’s not against the established rich. It’s against those who are trying to become wealthy. President Obama has declared that those who make over $200,000 will … Continue reading

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Major League Offense

Slime: The actor Charlie Sheen, 44, above in a police photo, has been ordered to return to court in Aspen, Colo., on Feb. 8, after his arrest there on Christmas morning at a house where he was staying with his … Continue reading

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“The System Worked”

Wow. Apparently, this will be the same standard applied to ObamaCare. Think about that, kids. Tweet

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Christmas Wishes

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) And all went to … Continue reading

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The Ghost Of Christmas Future


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Arrogance, Corruption And Stupidity

United States Senator – and physician – Tom Coburn: This vote is indeed historic. This Congress will be remembered for its arrogance, corruption and stupidity. In the year of 2009, a Congress ignored the coming economic storm and impending bankruptcy … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Froze For Christmas

Britain: The big freeze is likely to keep many thousands of families apart at Christmas. Drivers have been warned not to go out on treacherous roads, flights have been cancelled and train services badly disrupted by the cold. The AA … Continue reading

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