The Real Climate Disaster

Charles Moore in The Telegraph, reviewing a book by Lord Lawson:

Lord Lawson then notes that the IPCC predicts that, at this level of temperature rise, global food production will actually increase. He takes the IPCC’s gloomiest prediction of the economic effects of global warming over the same period. By its own figures, the difference between what would happen with global warming and without it amounts to this: in a hundred years’ time, people in the developed world would be “only 2.6 times better off than they are today, instead of 2.7 times, and their contemporaries in the developing world would be “only” 8.5 times as well off as people in the developing world are today, instead of 9.5 times better off”.

So this is the projected catastrophe, to avoid which the people of the present generation are being asked to curtail their carbon emissions by 70 per cent. We must tighten our belts for future generations, who even the gloom-mongers believe will be much, much richer than we are. This is not science, politics or economics, but masochism. Or rather, since our leaders will, on the whole, exempt themselves from the punishments they want to impose, it is sadism.

Instead of funneling vast sums of the world’s treasure to nasty little pieces of work like Dr. Rajendra “Fry Me To The Moon” Pachauri, we should be looking at the real numbers and be getting a real picture. The AGW hoaxers will cause real, serious damage to the world’s economy and subject the people of the world to the green jackboots of the true believers.

I prefer not to play along. How about you?

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  1. dorf says:

    If we must EAT our neighbors Whoom shall be first?????
    I’ll go Vegan first… you take M Moore. Just relish the Fat sizzlin….

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