The Copenhagen Effect

Much of the United States is reeling from a powerful winter storm that has already caused at least three deaths – and a lot worse is coming in the next couple of days.

However, the worst may be yet to come for many areas. Forecasters warned that the storm could cause widespread power outages through Wednesday and make travel nearly impossible in some areas. It may spread arctic air southward by midweek.

“It’s forecast to affect about 17 states, from California all the way to Michigan,” CNN meteorologist Sean Morris said.

Some parts of Iowa received up to 5 inches of snow Sunday, according to CNN affiliate KCCI, and could receive up to 10 inches of snow through Wednesday.

Chicago, Illinois, received about an inch of snow through Monday morning, said CNN iReporter Alan Hawkins. The sun came out and began to melt the snow, but by late morning the sky was overcast again.

Blizzard-like conditions are forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, he said. More cold temperatures and snow are forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, he said.

“Today’s just kind of a taste of what we’re going to get.”

My kids were warned today that it was very likely that tomorrow and Wednesday would be snow days.

The neo-totalitarian confab in Copenhagen is likely causing a disruption in global weather patterns as the rising column of hot air from that city sucks cold air down into the lower latitudes. Hey, that’s a scientifical as the CRU methodology.

And as a final bit of absurd timing, the authoritarian zealots at the EPA have declared carbon an “endangerment”.  That will give the unelected bureaucrats unlimited authority to destroy the American economy.

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4 Responses to The Copenhagen Effect

  1. Phineas says:

    We’re getting a cold, wintry rain here in Los Angeles, and my hometown of Sacramento is getting its first significant snowfall in over 30 years. It’s a good thing there’s global warming (the science is settled, after all), otherwise we’d be under glaciers! :)

  2. Johnny Utah says:

    if CO2 is a dangerous pollutant, and I exhale CO2 with every breath, how long is it before EPA stormtroopers come to my house to duct tape my mouth closed?

  3. Johnny Utah says:

    and as far as weather goes, here in Denver it’s snowing and 7 degrees

    I need my globes warmed IYKWIMAITYD

  4. It’s been unseasonably cool here below Kansas all year. That’s why it’s Global Climate Change…see?

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