Voter Outreach

Michael Graham:

I’ve never understood the discomfort Massachusetts liberals have with public celebrations of Christmas. After all, it’s the season of believing, and let’s face it: Liberals will believe anything.

If you thought the “fire never melted steel” crowd was nuts, check out the new study from the bipartisan Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. They find that liberals and Democrats are far more likely to believe in ghosts, psychic powers and astrology than their conservative/Republican counterparts. About 50 percent more Democrats than Republicans say they have spoken to the dead.

Or as it’s known at Democratic Party headquarters, “voter outreach.”

Do read the whole piece. It is chock full of the increasingly outlandish beliefs of the left (not liberals, because those increasingly authoritarian folks on the left are anything but liberal in the true sense of the word).

From the bizarre belief that increasing Federal spending will somehow cut the deficit to the insanity that pushing people into an already bankrupt Medicare system will allow politicians to cut Medicare spending even further, the already nonsensical beliefs of the left are rapidly becoming pathological. Check that: They crossed that line some time ago.

The problem is that the Democrats are increasingly living in that cloud cuckoo land and dragging the rest of the nation into it.

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3 Responses to Voter Outreach

  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    About 50 percent more Democrats than Republicans say they have spoken to the dead.

    It is there not surprising that the dead vote overwhelmingly for Democrats over Republicans. “It’s ok for them to have the vote,” thinks the typical Republican bigot, “But I wouldn’t want my sister to marry one or live in the same neighborhood with one. Let them stick to the cemeteries with their own kind.”

    I await the day when the state-run media, which has offered such sage advice on how the GOP can recover, starts pointing out that the Religious Right’s ironclad control over the party are the result of deeply ingrained corporeal bigotry, and that Republicans should cast off its prejudiced past and listen to the concerns of the dead (such as the pressing need to legalize dead marriage, affirmative action for the deceased, and a ban on offensive flags and anti-dead symbols like the Jolly Rodger and Halloween costumes).

    Perhaps one day, if they follow the state-run media’s advice, the dead will flock to the polls in support of the GOP just like they support Democrats in Chicago.

  2. Gaius says:

    Bring out your dead – so they can vote.

  3. Maggie says:

    You see it’s a bit different than the Islamist suicide bomber or Japanese Kamikaze pilot of yester-war.

    Those people, well, they tend(ed) to die right at the instant their victims died.

    No, the democrats are like those nut-jobs you see on the 6:00 news. They go into someplace populated (crowded), start shooting and killing everyone then shoot themselves.

    However, come November, I am hoping for a mass “suicide by voter” for these criminals before they can finish the job of killing us and the Republic.

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