The First Wave Of Taxes

A comprehensive list of taxes the Senate plans to impose now that Harry Reid bought Ben Nelson includes this gem:

Tax on Indoor Tanning Services (Page 373 of Manager’s amendment/$2.7 billion/July 1, 2010): New 10% excise tax on indoor tanning salons.

You think this is where they will stop?

Get ready, here it comes.

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2 Responses to The First Wave Of Taxes

  1. ropelight says:

    From the Beatles, “Taxman”

    Let me tell you
    How it will be.
    There’s one for you,
    Nineteen for me,

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman.
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

    Should five percent
    Appear too small,
    Be thankful I don’t
    Take it all.

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman.
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

    If you drive a car,
    I’ll tax the street.
    If you drive to city,
    I’ll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold,
    I’ll tax the heat.
    If you take a walk,
    I’ll tax your feet.


    ‘Cause I’m the taxman.
    Yeah, I’m the taxman.

  2. Ted G. says:

    Tea Party advocates, and courageous Republican politicians (if any still exist) should start advocating a 2010 election platform promising to immediately repeal the Health Care tax monstrosity, as well as the Obama tendency towards obsequiousness to dictators, and insults to friendly nations.

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