A Dagger Aimed At America

From within. Mark Steyn:

That’s why I believe America’s belated embrace of government health care will be far more expensive and disastrous than the Euro-Canadian models. Whatever one’s philosophical objection to the Canadian health system, it is, broadly, fair: Unless you are a Cabinet minister or a big-time hockey player, you’ll enjoy the same equality of crappiness and universal lack of access that everybody else does.

But, even before it’s up and running, Pelosi-Reid-Obamacare is an impenetrable thicket of contradictory boondoggles, shameless payoffs and arbitrary shakedowns. That’s why Nebraska’s grotesque zombie Sen. Ben Nelson is the perfect poster boy for the new arrangements and not just another so-called Blue Dog Democrat spayed into compliance by a massive cash injection.

There is no reason on earth why Nebraska should be the only state in this union to have every dime of its increased Medicare tab picked up by the 49 others. So either that privilege will be extended to all or to favored others, or its asymmetry will be balanced by other precisely targeted lollipops hither and yon.

Whatever happens, it’s a dagger at the heart of American federalism, just as the bill’s magisterial proclamation that the Independent Medicare Advisory Board can only be abolished by a two-thirds vote of the Senate strikes at one of the most basic principles of a free society – that no parliament can bind its successors.

This monstrosity kills American Liberty. Better start calling, folks. Time is running out. The only way this is going to be stopped is if enough members of Congress fear for their political existence. These “reforms” to health care are anything but.

Don’t stand for this, America.

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