Democrats Screwing The Middle Class

Jennifer Rubin points out that even the leftward leaning are beginning to wake up to the fact that ObamaCare is a rotten deal:

How could Democrats come up with such a scheme? Well, as Herbert points out, the idea is that those “Cadillac” plans will get slashed and changed, thereby avoiding the excise tax. But alas, “it makes a mockery of President Obama’s repeated pledge that if you like the health coverage you have now, you can keep it.” And if the the “Cadillac” plans become Kia plans after they’ve been cut down to size, what happens to the planned $150B in revenue the excise tax was supposed to generate? It gets fuzzy at that point. Herbert suggests that most of that revenue was supposed to come ”from the income taxes paid by workers who have been given pay raises by employers who will have voluntarily handed over the money they saved by offering their employees less valuable health insurance plans. Can you believe it?” In a word, no.

Herbert is actually quite caustic about it.

A survey of business executives by Mercer, a human resources consulting firm, found that only 16 percent of respondents said they would convert the savings from a reduction in health benefits into higher wages for employees. Yet proponents of the tax are holding steadfast to the belief that nearly all would do so.

That good, old magical thinking. The fact is that the “Cadillac” money will NEVER materialize, making another, substitute tax on the middle class necessary in the near future. So the screwing will be continuous. You’ll lose the coverage you like and your employer will pocket the money they save. You will be an indentured servant to insurance companies – with no hope of ever breaking free.

None of the money projections – costs or revenues – stands up to even cursory scrutiny.  That should scare the living heck out of you, regardless of your political bent.

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