Swine WHO?

The “pandemic” of swine flu killed something like 11,500 people, worldwide. (Well, until they take two years or so to cook the books, then it will be revealed that 78 zillion people actually died in less than a nanosecond). The US CDC estimates that 36,000 Americans die each year from “regular” flu.

A sure sign that all the hype, all the Obama-induced panic, all the money wasted on swine flu vaccines was crap from start to finish?

The head of the UN World Health Organization is trying to drum up more hysteria – but has not bothered to get a swine flu vaccination for herself.

Dr Chan said drug makers and countries promised to donate nearly 190 million vaccine doses to WHO, with the first doses of the donated vaccines to be distributed in Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Afghanistan next month.

However she admitted she had not yet had a vaccine but said she would have it soon.

Yeah, and I’ll trust you soon, too.I’ll believe it is a real crisis when you begin acting like it is. That Chan has not even bothered to get the shot says it all. It is not and never has been a real crisis.

The same hype, hysteria and fraud rules the global warming frenzy. Also a UN sponsored effort.

And yet another one that the Obama administration is fully on board.

Do you really want these people running – or rather ruining – your health care?

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4 Responses to Swine WHO?

  1. Hrothgar says:

    The body count has been very disappointing, because they were supposed to be stacked like cordwood, unless the gummint rode in to the rescue bearing the magic vaccine and ensuring the acclaim of the masses for saving the day. Unfortunately, too many citizens can count, distrust the government health system, and didn’t buy into the mass panic. The next round of press releases will tell us that only due to the fine vaccine distribution did we avert a 1918 pandemic. Nevermind that the numbers are lower than a normal flu season.

  2. Tom says:

    This administration is definitely in the running as one of the most incompetent ever.

  3. Straight8 says:

    This faux hysteria started back in April. The Mexican Airlines counter was closed in Sacramento and when we returned to Minneapolis their planes were parked at the south end of the airport. The pilots were staying at our motel and were not allowed to return home. How much other disruption was caused by this manufactured crisis?

  4. Maggie says:


    My daughter is an ER/RN. Back in late September/early October they were notified by the CDC to ‘just treat ANY flu or flu-like symptoms as Swine Flu, and mark it as such’. I have heard this from more than one doctors’ office also … and to not bother testing for the actual Swine Flu because the test is too expensive.

    Then I saw a couple reports using the term “estimates” on the numbers when all is said and done.

    It IS pretty much like the whole ClimateGate data hoax.

    A side BTW, back in September my doctor informed me he wouldn’t be getting the vaccine and wasn’t advising it (not even sure he was giving it at all).

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