A Vacuous Weltanschauung

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the Obama worldview (that’s the translation of the word in the post title) and sees why nothing is working for Obama:

In 2007 candidate Obama had some interesting theories about the world abroad — not unlike those voiced in the 1920s by the well-intentioned who formed the League of Nations to end all wars. A Gilbert Murray or H.G. Wells or Alfred Zimmern all had interesting things to say, as did Smuts and House — all interesting and all dead wrong once an Austrian-born corporal fancied himself the architect of a new Reich.

The “reset button” foreign policy postulated that twangy, “smok’ em out” Bush had caused all the bad feelings. As an antidote, a postracial, postnational charmer could assure the world that we were on its side. We are back to 1930 in a blink of an eye.

Remember, in this reset narrative, there are no such bothersome things as irreconcilable differences, antithetical agendas, or reductionism such as thugs like Ahmadinejad, Assad, Chavez, or Putin, who always interpret magnanimity as weakness in their nonstop quest for more influence and power at the expense of the perceived weaker party.

So here we are after all the apologies, all the bowing, all the trashing of Bush, all the Cairo speeches and al Arabiya interviews: Putin brags about a new generation of nuclear weapons, bullying his neighbors and doing nothing to stop Iran; Iran kills its dissidents while we sleep and promises a bomb to come.  Chavez wants one too, and Syria does it best to destroy Lebanese autonomy. And that is just the beginning.

It was not supposed to happen that way. (All those adoring crowds in the streets of London, Cairo, and Nairobi were supposed to translate into their leaders’ infatuation with Obama.)

Tilting at Windmills

Those in the faculty lounge, in the community-organizing hall, or media green room often wax on about how “they” are doing nothing to make us energy independent. In this fantasyland of a con artist like Van Jones, millions of windmills and solar panels will free us from energy costs and cool the planet.

The weltanschauung is screwed up because the cloud cuckoo land world never actually existed outside Obama’s insular little make-believe world prior to gaining the White House. His foreign policy is a joke because the thugs of the world do not respond as he thought they would. And they never will. The jobs are gone because his economic model doesn’t actually work. The deficit is exploding because his theories are ridiculous and counterproductive to real economic growth.

His health care will literally kill you and yours.

I walked into a mall today – a big one. There were so very many empty stores that I was shocked. And let’s face it, I am not all that optimistic these days. Yet the sheer volume of empty space was frightening even to me. All of the retail locations at the entrance – the main one – were vacant. All of them. Five prime retail spaces utterly empty. And I live in an area that has generally been pretty lucky in this recession.

If Congress passes ObamaCare, I’m betting on a full scale depression. This is truly frightening.

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  1. Bob Sykes says:

    Plus, employers will drop the health insurance they buy for their employees.

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