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The Goat’s Toasted

Once again, the annual Christmas tradition in Gavle, Sweden is intact. The goat got it. Arsonists set fire early on Wednesday to a giant straw statue of the Swedish Yule goat, a forerunner to Santa Claus in Sweden, defying security … Continue reading

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Pulling The Plug On Liberty

ObamaCare – the end of American liberty: Obamacare would significantly diminish Americans’ freedom to control the fruits of their own labors and to spend them as they choose and as they think best. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that … Continue reading

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A Visit From Heist By St. Nicholas

It’s a Ho-Ho-Holdup: According to Metropolitan Nashville Police, a man wearing a Santa Claus suit – including hat, beard and moustache and dark sunglasses – robbed a SunTrust Bank, demanding money from a member of staff at gunpoint. After the … Continue reading

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Standing Athwart History, Yelling “Stop!”

William F. Buckley’s famous phrase is being lived out today by a Senator from South Carolina. Jim DeMint has fired a warning shot across the bow of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. He’s leading a constitutional challenge against … Continue reading

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This is how tyranny starts: Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) pointed out some rather astounding language in the Senate health care bill during floor remarks tonight. First, he noted that there are a number of changes to Senate rules in the … Continue reading

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Life And Death And Pork

John Stossel: So, how exactly did Senate leadership persuade the few remaining Democrats who were dragging their heels? By appealing to their principles, of course. reports: Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., won between $100 million and $300 million in additional … Continue reading

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Me, Too

Michael Goodwin: I am afraid — actually, certain — we are losing the heart and soul that made America unique in human history. Yes, we have enemies, but the greatest danger comes from within. Watching the freak show in Copenhagen … Continue reading

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The First Wave Of Taxes

A comprehensive list of taxes the Senate plans to impose now that Harry Reid bought Ben Nelson includes this gem: Tax on Indoor Tanning Services (Page 373 of Manager’s amendment/$2.7 billion/July 1, 2010): New 10% excise tax on indoor tanning … Continue reading

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The Clowns Make The Circus

Mark Steyn on the Clown Princes of Copenhagen: The best summation of the UN climate circus in Denmark comes from Andrew Bolt of Australia’s Herald Sun: “Nothing is real in Copenhagen – not the temperature record, not the predictions, not … Continue reading

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Define “Meaningful”

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” It seems that the definition of the word ” meaningful”  is quite a lot different if you are a self-aggrandizing politician with a messiah … Continue reading

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Cosmic Sense Of Humor

The media is reporting that a “meaningful” deal has been reached in Copenhagen: Despite the deal “not sufficient” to fight the ravages of climate change, diplomats at the Copenhagen climate conference appeared to have reached a deal after hours of … Continue reading

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This Is Criminal

I use that word intentionally. The “stimulus” bill has been used as a way to funnel money directly to Democratic congressional districts while short changing Republican-leaning districts. Additionally, Mercatus found that stimulus funds were not disbursed geographically with any special … Continue reading

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Wonderful, Wonderful CoSnowpenhagen

There is cosmic justice: World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight. “Temperatures will stay … Continue reading

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Each Responsible For Everything

I don’t link George Will often, but this column is devastating: His Dec. 1 Afghanistan speech to the nation was followed on Dec. 3 by his televised “jobs summit.” His Dec. 8 televised economics speech at the Brookings Institution was … Continue reading

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A Hollow Victory?

If – and it is a big if, still – the Democrats manage to pass their desperate “Any Bill Will Do” health care reform, they may be committing political suicide in the process: O, the irony: The Democrats — who … Continue reading

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