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The Aspiring Classes

I think there is something to this theory from Janet Daley at The Telegraph: But that’s pretty much over now. For all the desperate Labour flirtation with a revived class war, there is a new political settlement with which everyone … Continue reading

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Touting For Tyranny

Thomas Friedman is at it again. Pining for a more orderly, command economy, led by wise central planners who do not have to heed the masses: As a political barometer, the Davos World Economic Forum usually offers up some revealing … Continue reading

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We Get It. They Do Not.

Ron Smith: One of the problems the “educated class” seems to be having is that they, with rare exception, are weathering the Great Recession rather well. The under-educated, i.e. less privileged, are not. There is a great difference in their … Continue reading

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Who Needs Science When You Can Just Make Stuff Up?

Still more hijinks from the IPCC. It seems they just made up stuff to go into their last report – or rather, just embellished other people’s made up stuff. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in its 2007 … Continue reading

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Getting Rich Off The H1N1 “Pandemic”

Who profited from the so-called pandemic of H1N1 flu? Why drug companies, of course. So far, the dreaded flu has killed a confirmed 14,711 around the world. The exact total in the U.S. is unclear, with the Centers for Disease … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Really Believe Them, Did You?

You didn’t believe the Wizard and his mendacious munchkin minions when they said they wanted bipartisanship, did you? If you did, shame on you: In a conversation with journalists, Obama’s chief political strategist, David Axelrod, was blunt about what Republicans … Continue reading

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Stubborn And Weak

Ouch: Despite its enormous cost, last year’s stimulus package has failed to live up to expectations. So, his response is: Do it again? On health care, he offered no suggestions to deadlocked Democrats as to how they should pass a … Continue reading

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So Much For A Budget Freeze

The over hyped Obama Budget “freeze” doesn’t last more than a few days. The Emerald House unveiled its latest spending spree plan today. Guess what? It is an increase over last year’s obscenity. President Obama will send a $3.8 trillion … Continue reading

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Hot, Hot, Hot

A German man decided he needed to bring out the heavy artillery to thaw his frozen car. So he tucked a heater under the hood and went back inside the house to stay warm. The resulting explosion and fire totaled … Continue reading

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Let’s Do The Time Warp, Again

It’s like deja vu all over again. The Obama administration is apparently seriously considering holding Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s trial in a new venue, since New York City is out. That would be at Guantanamo Bay. In front of a military … Continue reading

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Got That Right

I no sooner posted my last item than this gem popped up over at Memeorandum: Deficit of Trust: Most Voters Don’t Believe President’s Assertions About Economy ….The president in the speech declared that his administration has cut taxes for 95% … Continue reading

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“Does Even Obama Listen To Obama’s Speeches?”

Mark Steyn and a home run: Which raises the question: Does even Obama listen to Obama’s speeches? The public does – at least to this extent: They understand that, when he’s attacking the tired old Washington games, he’s just playing … Continue reading

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Mis-Statements of the Union

I could not improve on Rich Lowry’s title. Nor could I think of anything more fitting. He spoke for more than an hour, but the quick gloss might have been, “It’s not my fault, and please ignore your lying eyes.” … Continue reading

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“Oh, Crap! They’re Not Buying It!” – Part 2

Michael Barone: The current results are as favorable for Republicans or more so than the CNN/Gallup polls taken at this point in the 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004, cycles in which Republican House candidates received more votes than … Continue reading

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“Oh, Crap! They’re Not Buying It!”

The LA Times notes that voters – by a ridiculous margin – are just not buying the so-called “Freeze” on discretionary spending that the Wizard of 0 trotted out at the SOTU. How ridiculous a margin you ask? Well, 9% … Continue reading

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