Feeling Safe?

The prez channels a TV lawyer, his Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Incompetano assures us that the system works just great and our very own Nigerian terrorist is lawyered up, wrapped in the protection of American criminal law.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, the terrorists are wielding axes and knives at old men and little girls.

Danish media say Mr Westergaard was in his home in Aarhus with his wife and grandchild when a man broke in and threatened him with a hammer.

Mr Westergaard, 74, is said to have raised the alarm and police entered the house and shot the intruder.

Mr Westergaard’s cartoons were printed by Jyllands-Posten newspaper in 2005.

He mocked Muslim suicide bombers by depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban.

But the drawing triggered violent protests, with Danish embassies attacked by Muslims around the world and dozens killed in riots.

Mr Westergaard went into hiding amid threats to his life, but emerged last year saying he wanted to live as normal a life as possible. His house has been heavily fortified and is under close police protection.

Mr Westergaard told Jyllands-Posten that the man had entered his house by smashing a window with a hammer and had shouted in broken English that he wanted to kill him.

This is not a criminal matter. This is a war. The Somali and our own Nigerian attacker are not entitled to criminal law protections. They are illegal combatants – out of uniform and making direct, intentional war on civilians.

And we do not need a clueless chief executive and an clue-proof head of Homeland Security.  

We need enemy combatants treated as such, not given legal rights they are not entitled to.

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5 Responses to Feeling Safe?

  1. K T Cat says:

    Keep repeating it over and over and it will be true: “There is no war, there is no war, there is no war, there is no war, there is no war …”

  2. ropelight says:

    The same scum who refuse to profile and search likely terrorists are the same scum who refuse to check the ID card of voters. They’re the same scum who refuse to secure our borders, and they’re the same scum who refuse to prosecute Black Panther thugs, the same scum who want to put KSM on trial in NY City. The same scum who protect crooks in Congress like Cold Cash Jefferson, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Charlie Rangel.

    They’re the same scum who throw away our money on TARP, Stimulus, and Cash for Clunkers. They bribe Congress, destroy Medicare in the process, and lie like dogs to claim a healthcare takeover won’t cost an extra dime.

    They’re the same scum who refuse to waterboard terrorists, the same scum who want to put CIA agents on trial, the same scum who want to close GITMO.

    They’re the same scum who claim phony data prove Global Warming and try to bully critics into silence. They’re the “settled science” sycophant chorus, the “consensus crowd” of chicken-little alarmists.

    They’re the same scum who go on TV and reassure us the “system is working” when it’s obviously broken. They’re the same scum who refuse to name terrorism and use idiotic terms like “man caused disaster” to pretend that Islam isn’t the Mother of Jihadi terrorism.

    They’re the same scum who pretend to be our leaders, the same scum who swore to protect and defend the Constitution.

  3. BT in SA says:

    Ropelight did a most excellent job identifying the scum for us. Don’t think anyone was left out… However, Ropelight did get one little thing wrong when he [she?] said that they are “the same scum… who lie like dogs.” Dogs don’t lie. Please leave the poor canines out of this. The dogs are in no way deserving of such degradation.

  4. Maggie says:

    Yeah, ditto the “dogs” thing. The Islamists hate dogs. “The enemy of my enemy” is a dog … Our troops have befriended and rescued many during the last 10 years in both A-stan and Iraq. Some even able to bring them stateside.

    As to the cartoonist’s attack, thank the Eurabian gods the terrorist wasn’t wielding a dull rusty knife! Eh, Theo van Gogh?

    These people are completely unable to coexist with the rest of the world. X-ray them and there is no brain. Just a useless rock whose only purpose is to strike and kill others.

    News agency ITN WORLD’s video report on the attack (inadvertently or on purpose … I dunno) shows protests after the cartoon had been run in the Danish media.


    As you’ll note, the Islamists protesting don’t do their side of the argument any favors … Yeah, that whole “religion of peace” schlog is pretty much crap.

    (Urban dictionary: schlog – v. overmedicate someone to the point of sedation
    a. the state of being overmedicated)

    They are what they are. The sooner the rest of the world stops making excuses for them, and appeasing and coddling them the better.

  5. ropelight says:

    Dog people, colloquial expressions are like a finger pointing at the moon, too much focus on the finger, and you miss all the heavenly glory.

    The unfavored expression wasn’t intended as a slur on the veracity of domestic quadrupeds. Rather than as simile, think of the cliche as something along the lines of to “lie like a rug.”

    It then becomes clear the expression employs the same word play (double meaning) on “lie” used in my comment, but omits the offensive reference to dogs (who, when seeking repose, can accurately be said to “lie down.”

    Obviously, my intention was to reference the egregious lies of proponents of so-called healthcare reform, the good reputation of dogs was only collateral damage resulting from the use of a colorful, but somewhat confusing idiom.

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