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Sorry, I do not see anything in this picture but contempt. I don’t see what Ann Althouse sees at all. Though I do agree with her statement: People who like Obama are blinded to the way other people see him. … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Global Whoring

Call it ClimateGate. Call it Global Whoring. Call it whatever you wish. But we should not forget the scandal of the CRU and the emails they want you to forget: The revelation of Climategate occurs at a time when the … Continue reading

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Kill. The. Messenger.

Democrats apparently have a hard spot with Rasmussen Reports and are screeching about that organization’s polling results. It’s a rather transparent attempt to kill the messenger bearing news the Democrats really do not want to hear. Especially the latest poll … Continue reading

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The Donner Party It Ain’t

Well, if you’re going to get cut off by snow, being in a pub isn’t the worst fate that can befall you. England’s longest New Year party finally ended this morning when a snow plough and gritter reached Tan Hill … Continue reading

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A Little Chlorine For The Gene Pool

The 2009 Darwin Award goes to two Belgians who used dynamite to attempt to open an ATM. The somewhat excessive explosive charge dropped the entire bank on top of the would-be thieves. Or is that usta-be? Two bank robbers have … Continue reading

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Cold Shot

The Midwest – actually the entire midsection of the United States all the way deep into the heart of Texas – will be in the deep freeze this week. Even colder than it has already been: While bitterly cold air … Continue reading

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Time Passes

And Obama fades. Rex Murphy in The Globe and Mail has an insight into the decision by Time Magazine to bypass Obama and make Ben Bernanke its Person of the Year. Well, the bands have stopped playing for Barack Obama. … Continue reading

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