A Little Chlorine For The Gene Pool

The 2009 Darwin Award goes to two Belgians who used dynamite to attempt to open an ATM. The somewhat excessive explosive charge dropped the entire bank on top of the would-be thieves. Or is that usta-be?

Two bank robbers have been declared the winners the Darwin Awards 2009 after they blew themselves up while trying to crack open an ATM machine.

The Belgian pair used so much explosive to get their hands on the cash that they destroyed the whole bank building.

Nobody else was in the building at the time of the attack.

Here’s the Darwin Award site, so you can read their nominations yourself. Note that there is actually a dual winner this year. The Brazilian priest who decided to make a direct flight to heaven gets an award as well.

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  1. martian says:

    You gotta love the Darwin Awards! LOL

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