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The dirty little secrets of ObamaCare: In this case, the special favors and vote-buying are so gaudy that some of the corrupt deals even have their own names: the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase.” In order to squeak by … Continue reading

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The Disaster For The Democrats?

Well, James Pethokoukis thinks the December jobs report is a stone disaster for the Democrats: 4. Then will come the second-take stories that will notice the shrinking labor force, which dropped by nearly 700,000 from November. Had it stayed stable … Continue reading

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Blind, Blind, Blind

CNN has a “senior writer” explain the cheerful news that 85,000 more jobs were lost. Pollyanna would be proud. Still, it wasn’t all bad news.  Temporary hiring, typically an early indicator of a turnaround in the job market, continued to … Continue reading

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