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So sayeth Obama’s inner circle. Keeping in the vote. A grand strategy. The “best and the brightest” strike again. Tweet

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Another Boaring Story

More bad British bacon in the news: Some of the first wild boar to roam free in England for 300 years have been raiding rubbish bins, attacking dogs and digging up green spaces in villages scattered around England’s first national … Continue reading

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Bay State Roundup

Jules Crittenden brings the hometown perspective to the battle in Massachusetts. Tweet

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Ben Smith: From the Brown campaign:  Sunday, January 17, 2010  WHAT:  Scott Brown for U.S. Senate , “The People’s Rally”  WHO:  Scott Brown, candidate for U.S. Senate  Curt Schilling, Red Sox legend  Doug Flutie, former Boston College star and NFL … Continue reading

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A Rotten Bill Gets Worse

Unions get special treatment – at the expense of Americans who don’t belong to a union: For most American workers, beginning in 2013, if your health care insurance plan is worth more than $8,900 for an individual and $24,000 for … Continue reading

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