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When Bureaucrats Decide

A glimpse into what the future will look like under ObamaCare: Bureaucrats decide, you suffer: The Government’s drugs rationing body, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice), has provisionally said that it does not intend to recommend the … Continue reading

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Coakley Toast

The “best and the brightest” have stuck a fork in Martha Coakley, grandly leaking their super-smart, new, we’re brighter than you strategy for when Coakley gets hammered to The Politico. They plan to get tough, see? President Barack Obama plans … Continue reading

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Something Is Terribly Wrong

Even Clive Crook – who supports ObamaCare – realizes that the Democrats have a major problem on their hands: They (Democrats) also need to ask what the electorate will make of a response that says, “We don’t care what the … Continue reading

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The Error Trifecta

Jay Cost at RCP looks at the three major errors Obama has made since he took office. Any one of them is serious and would cause any president problems. All three together at the same time may well prove the … Continue reading

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