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Catch The Wave

This is a thing of beauty. And we all know that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, right? Congressional strategists had warned in the closing days of the Massachusetts Senate race that a Coakley defeat had the potential … Continue reading

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Why The Democrats Hate Scott Rasmussen

Because he tells the truth. That, they cannot handle. Tweet

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Real Clear Politics reports that the Boston Globe is saying that Martha Coakley has conceded. I cannot get the page to load, however. It may or may not be correct at this point. But it sure looks like Brown has … Continue reading

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What On Earth Is Happening Here?

Michael C. Moynihan reports from his former Massachusetts stomping grounds on the utterly strange happenings in that state. It seems that a real uprising is underway. Those who say that the foot soldiers coming out in the bitter cold, in … Continue reading

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Interesting Anecdote

Very interesting if true. Via Memeorandum Tweet

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Voting is still underway in Massachusetts, but the poo-flinging is already in full swing. The Coakley camp is blaming the national Democrats. The adviser, who made the case to my colleague Jonathan Martin on the condition of anonymity in response, … Continue reading

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