Gunday Evening

Stoeger Cougar, 9mm parabellum, 15+1 magazine capacity. Unusual rotating barrel locking system that does not pivot the barrel down, instead rotating the barrel while keeping it in the same plane.

Essentially identical to the Beretta Cougar (it is actually produced in Turkey with the same tooling from Baretta that produced the original – the magazines are still made in Italy). Stoeger is owned by Baretta.

Fit and finish are very good. I have not fired it yet, but definitely feel a range day coming on. Very nice feel in the hand. Also produced in .40 S&W and .45 ACP.


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11 Responses to Gunday Evening

  1. Bleepless says:

    In two words, num my.

  2. BlogDog says:

    Handsome. My collection may have to be updated.

  3. Maggie says:

    Some people poo-poo them, but I love my 9mm.

  4. Earl T says:

    9mm: its not the size of the bullet, but where you place them!

    Nice pistol, we expect a full range report. I’ve been looking at these little babies for some time now. My CZ needs a playmate!

  5. How would it treat a left-hander? How much did it set you back? I’m looking for a first personal safety firearm, and want ideas.

  6. Gaius says:

    Well, I shoot left-handed, so I’ll let you know. It does have an ambidextrous safety and a reversible magazine release button. (I never switch those, I’ve found that releasing the magazine with my trigger finger quite easy.)

    Personally, I’m fond of the 9mm. Very light recoil, not a lot of muzzle flip. You stay on target. Will it drop a buffalo? Probably not in one shot. But if you’re up against a buffalo with any pistol, you’re probably not going to drop it on the first shot. With 9mm, you have a lot more chances in the magazine.

    Cost under $400.

  7. Gaius says:

    Paco, I thought I had added you to the blogroll long ago. It turns out I hadn’t. That has been corrected.

  8. Tully says:

    The best firearm is the one you’re comfortable with and with which you can reliably hit what you’re shooting at.

    If you wanna drop buffalo, get a rifle!

  9. Tully says:

    Depends how far you wanna track it. But yeah, smaller calibers not recommended…

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