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We Walked On The Moon.

Once. Actually several times. Every. Single. Human. Who. Walked. On. The. Moon. Was. An. American. Remember their names. For they will be the last if Barack Obama and his sleazy, greedy crew of mendacious munchkins get their way. In fact, … Continue reading

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Not The One

Not even the won anymore. Clifford Orwin, Professor of political science at the University of Toronto and distinguished visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, looks at the Obama presidency. And is not impressed: So yes, American voters wanted change, … Continue reading

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Ugly And Getting Uglier

Even NPR admits that their latest poll shows a looming disaster for Democrats come November: The poll holds plenty of danger signs for the Democrats. In one indicator studied closely by both parties ahead of midterm elections, likely voters chose … Continue reading

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