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Falling Flat – The View From Across The Pond

Nope. The old magic is dead and gone. Toby Harnden of The Telegraph reviews the SOTU address: On the substance, he did not move to the centre as some had expected. He stuck to his guns on health care reform … Continue reading

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Apple Segways

Well, they unveiled it. No USB. No Flash. No card slots. No unapproved apps or software. No Phone. No camera. Like iCare. Tweet

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Down Is Up

Another take on the SOTU and Obama’s bizarre reinterpretation of reality: If substance was the main take-away of this address, it would have been merely mediocre. But what made it downright harmful for Obama and Democrats was its tone. The … Continue reading

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No Change

Jonah Goldberg saw the same thing I did in the SOTU: No change: But Obama has a bigger problem: Aside from a few throwaway lines of self-deprecation, whenever he grew passionate, it was to blame others. His predecessor topped his … Continue reading

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