“Does Even Obama Listen To Obama’s Speeches?”

Mark Steyn and a home run:

Which raises the question: Does even Obama listen to Obama’s speeches?

The public does – at least to this extent: They understand that, when he’s attacking the tired old Washington games, he’s just playing the tired old Washington games. But, when he’s proposing the tired old Washington solutions, he means it; that’s the real Obama, the only Obama on offer. And everything the president proposes means more debt, which at the level this guy’s spending means, at some point down the road, either higher taxes or total societal collapse.

Functioning societies depend on agreed rules. If you want to open a business, you do it in Singapore or Ireland, because the rules are known to all parties. You don’t go to Sudan or Zimbabwe, where the rules are whatever the state’s whims happen to be that morning.

That’s why Obama is such a job-killer. Why would a small business take on a new employee? The president’s proposing a soak-the-banks tax that could impact your access to credit. The House has passed a cap-and-trade bill that could impose potentially unlimited regulatory costs. The Senate is in favor of “health” “care” “reform” that will allow the IRS to seize your assets if you and your employees’ health arrangements do not meet the approval of the federal government. Some of these things will pass into law, some of them won’t. But all of them send a consistent, cumulative message: that there are no rules, that they’re being made up as they go along – and that some of them might even be retroactive, as happened this week with Oregon’s new corporate tax.

In such an environment, would you hire anyone? Or would you hunker down and sit things out? Obama can bury it in half a ton of leaden telepromptered sludge but the world has got the message: More Washington, more microregulation of every aspect of your life, more multi-trillion-dollar spending, and no agreed rules in a game ever more rigged against you.

Do go read the whole column. If only to find out what malevolent genies, geckos and erogenous zones have in common.

Decrying Washington while promising even more Washington in your lives. Typical double-speak from Obama. It really is the one constant about the man. He is quite brazen about it.

I suspect that only true believers listen to the man at all these days – and they are a rare breed rapidly heading for extinction. (Even the left has been up in arms over many things the Wizard does and says these days.) Most people hear only the lies – and recognize them for what they are.

Today news is out that the much-touted trial of 9/11 mastermind KSM will be moved out of New York City. I’m expecting the much-ballyhooed shutting of Guantanamo and subsequent movement of terrorists to Guantanamo North in Illinois will also go away.

The new “jobs bill”, if passed, will be just another very expensive failure, like Obama’s mortgage “rescue” plan has been.

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2 Responses to “Does Even Obama Listen To Obama’s Speeches?”

  1. Boy Named Sous says:

    “‘which at the level this guy’s spending means, at some point down the road, either higher taxes or total societal collapse.'”

    Or both, if he plays his cards the way he’s been holding them.

  2. ck says:

    Obama and his fellow nitwits have no concept of the law of diminishing returns. Our taxes are at the point where more taxes= less revenue

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