So Much For A Budget Freeze

The over hyped Obama Budget “freeze” doesn’t last more than a few days. The Emerald House unveiled its latest spending spree plan today. Guess what? It is an increase over last year’s obscenity.

President Obama will send a $3.8 trillion budget to Congress on Monday for the coming fiscal year that would increase financing for education and for civilian research programs by more than 6 percent and provide $25 billion for cash-starved states, even as he seeks to freeze much domestic spending for the rest of his term.

Last year’s plan:

President Obama’s $3.5 trillion 2009 budget will spend money today and burden taxpayers for generations.  Under the Presidents proposal, spending will increase to nearly 35 percent of GDP, far from the historical norm of 20 percent, and the deficit will soar to 12.3 percent of GDP, levels not seen since the height of World War II.

Revenue is declining, spending is increasing. Welcome to change. Welcome to ObamaSpeak. A “budget freeze” is just a slushy talking point that actually means an increase.

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