Stubborn And Weak


Despite its enormous cost, last year’s stimulus package has failed to live up to expectations. So, his response is: Do it again?

On health care, he offered no suggestions to deadlocked Democrats as to how they should pass a bill disliked by most Americans. The House can’t pass the Senate bill and the Senate couldn’t pass the House bill. Obama’s advice: Keep trying what isn’t working.

Like Jimmy Carter, Obama squandered much of his political capital in his first year. Before last week’s speech, it was possible to argue that it wasn’t too late for him to adopt a new approach and move toward the center. Now it’s clear he has no such intention.

A big clue to Obama appeared long before his election, when he was still a senator.

He’s stubborn. With the tide indisputably turning in Iraq, he remained opposed to the troop surge and claimed it was bound to fail. When he took office, the economic landscape was completely transformed. But he refused to put off health care and cap-and-trade, even though voters thought the economy was a much higher priority.

As bleak as that passage is, E. Thomas McClanahan’s takedown on foreign policy is even worse. Obama is displaying weakness in that arena at a time when he is also exacerbating an already weak economy. China is getting more belligerent, Iran is running full speed ahead toward nuclear weapons, North Korea is getting ever more antagonistic, Russia is flexing its muscle.

Obama only sees the world as he wishes it to be, not as it really is.

We as a nation are getting poorer and the world is becoming increasingly hostile. We have a stubborn and weak leader. This is not a recipe for anything one would call good.

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  1. Tom says:

    If at first you don’t succeed, spend, spend again…

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