We Get It. They Do Not.

Ron Smith:

One of the problems the “educated class” seems to be having is that they, with rare exception, are weathering the Great Recession rather well. The under-educated, i.e. less privileged, are not. There is a great difference in their respective perspectives. One out of five American men in prime working age — mid-20s to late 50s — are without a job. They know the government has failed them. They understand this didn’t begin a year ago when Mr. Obama took office. They know public spending is totally out of control and portends economic disaster not very far down the road. They also understand that the current occupant of the White House and the Democratic Congress have made things worse, rather than better. Those of them in Massachusetts sent quite the message by electing Republican Cosmo centerfold Scott Brown to the Senate seat long occupied by the late Democratic stalwart Ted Kennedy.

Barack Obama seems to believe he has magical powers of persuasion. If true, how come fewer and fewer are persuaded? Is it that, as much of a smoothie as he is with words, he lacks passion? Perhaps, but the idea that his drooping poll figures and the Republican electoral wins in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey are the result of an epidemic of misunderstanding is ludicrous on its face. We understand what he and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want, and we’re opposed to it. We know the present health care system is heading for a financial crack-up, but we also know that the proposed cure that was cobbled together in an untidy, indecipherable monstrous piece of pork-ridden, bribe-filled legislation would make things worse, not better. We get it. We just don’t like it.

We need – critically need – fiscal conservatism right away – or as soon as we can manage it at the polls. That is the only test that matters now. If we do not get America’s financial house in order soon, we are heading for an economic collapse. We hear Obama and his full speed ahead to more spending loud and clear.

And, no, we do not like it.

Republicans – and even fiscal conservative Democrats – had better hear the message the Scott Brown victory sent. It is not the one that the won claims to have heard. It is entirely different. We have to get our economy back onto a sound footing. We have to get the economy really growing – not smoke and mirrors growth, but real, permanent, private sector job growth. Real, solid, sustainable growth in the GDP. We have to get government spending and taxes down and revenues up.

We will not do that with this Democrat-controlled Congress shoveling our money into the government boilers and the one at the helm. Because they have the American ship of state heading right for the mother of all icebergs.

Rascals out, REAL fiscal conservatives in.

That’s the message we want to hear. That’s the message we can support.

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2 Responses to We Get It. They Do Not.

  1. Mockingbird says:

    You, and Ron Smith, have no need to say the phrase,”let me be perfectly clear”.

    Government should lower taxes, lower some regulations, and then get the hell out of the way.

  2. Peter says:

    The problem is, Obama and company do not want to set the nation’s house in order, they want to tear it down over perceived slights to “the world”. The tearing down of America is the only way that they see “the world” as getting what they think it deserves. That they are stupidly, criminally wrong doesn’t matter any more that does it matter the millions already killed by their heroes, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. This bunch wants to see the worldwide socialist paradise, no matter how many must die to achieve it. After all, one cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

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