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“Free” Fall

Not good. Competitiveness: The latest index of economic freedom shows America falling fast, being ranked for the first time as “mostly free.” We’ve fallen behind Canada, and it’s look out below. Our accelerating descent into a command-and-control economy with government … Continue reading

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The Other Shoe

Happy days are here again, right? That’s the party line from the maladroit, mendacious munchkin chorus, right? GDP is up and all the signs are there for a roaring recovery, right? Well, maybe not. The share of borrowers who are … Continue reading

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A Matter Of Coarse

Rahm Emanuel offers a “apology” for his choice of words. But not to the people he called his choice name. Or the other people who he offended. I rather doubt his apology was sincere or meant to do anything but … Continue reading

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Helping Harry Out

Well, I’ve already posted about the planned Obama trip to campaign with Harry Reid in Nevada this month. I wrote then: Seriously, the only way this could be worse for Reid is if the joint appearance was to be held … Continue reading

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The Super-Sub-Prime Crisis

Prepare to be frightened: Q. Say America was a person, how much credit card debt would America have? A. Let’s put it this way: Spending last year was about $3.5 trillion. The deficit was $1.42 trillion, which means that revenues … Continue reading

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The canary in the coal mine for Democrats: On the heels PPP’s dismal poll results for Blanche Lincoln this morning, Rasmussen offers up more evidence that the Democratic Senator from Arkansas is toast. How much better would she be polling … Continue reading

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