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Pheasant Uprising

The pheasants are restless, sire: As a tale of avian savagery it’s starting to have echoes of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. For months, the rural North Yorkshire village of Newsham has been terrorised by a very unpleasant pheasant – and … Continue reading

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All Campaign, All The Time

Nolan Finley: Obama isn’t missing a chance to spank the GOP. How this fits into his professed objective of ending the destructive rancor in Washington is difficult to see. More likely, the president is hardening partisan lines and confirming the … Continue reading

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The Really, Really Slow Learner

Go over and look at the disturbing graph that David Boaz has posted at the Cato@Liberty blog. It ain’t pretty, folks. As Boaz puts it: Let’s hope the Obama administration soon learns that higher taxes, more regulation, a larger share … Continue reading

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Guess What? It’s Worse.

I do not think unexpectedly means what they think it means. Because every time jobless claims rise it surprises the heck out of the media elite. More Americans unexpectedly filed first-time claims for unemployment insurance last week, indicating companies lack … Continue reading

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