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Paranoia Desperation Strikes Deep

The Wizard of 0 is down to desperately praying that Republicans will willingly join his column as he heads into the valley of the Little Bighorn: Speaking to members of the Democratic National Committee on Thursday night, Obama vowed to … Continue reading

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You’re All Stupid

Object to the Obama agenda – you’re stupid. Object to government takeover of a huge chunk of the American economy – you’re stupid. Worry about skyrocketing taxes and unsustainable debt – you’re stupid. Have legitimate concerns about the direction the … Continue reading

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Oh. The…. Humanity?

For the love of all that is holy, is there no safety for the White House Press corps? Reporters ventured out to cover the speech amid a massive snowstorm in Washington that could dump up to three feet of snow … Continue reading

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The Bonfire Of Mr. Vanity

Mark Steyn: But, since Obama’s mispronunciation is a pithier summation of the State of the Union than any of the dreary 90-minute sludge he paid his speechwriters for, let us consider it: Is America a Corpseman walking? Well, we’re getting … Continue reading

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