You’re All Stupid

Object to the Obama agenda – you’re stupid. Object to government takeover of a huge chunk of the American economy – you’re stupid. Worry about skyrocketing taxes and unsustainable debt – you’re stupid. Have legitimate concerns about the direction the country is taking – you’re stupid.

So sayeth the left.

Go read what McQ sayeth in response. It is too good to excerpt and too true not to click over and read.

America is its people – it is not the government. We do not work for Washington. They work for us. They forget that at their peril. Yes, the voters can turn on a dime and savage a politician who lets them down or tries to sell them snake oil – or just to plain sell them.

That is how it was meant to work. Because we the people are America.

America is not the state. America is the people cooperating to act as a state.

Via Memeorandum.

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