A Personal Note

My wife likes Subaru vehicles.

She has owned three over the years. The first one was a first generation Legacy wagon that she put a lot of miles on over several years. She reluctantly gave that car up for a Ford Ranger when our oldest son reached driving age and needed his own set of wheels. (She hated that truck with a passion, however. That’s another story).

Our oldest boy, upon getting the keys and his freedom with a car of his very own, promptly hit a deer (two weeks after getting the car, max). The damage was severe enough that the car was “totaled” insurance-wise. It was all body damage and the car was still drivable, so he continued to drive it, sans collision insurance.

The now venerable and somewhat dented Subaru continued to carry him through another car-deer encounter and a slight miscalculation over the relative iciness of a road he was driving on and his speed in negotiating that road.  The Subaru didn’t go into the swamp – the tree saved it.

After my son stopped driving the battered Subaru to move on to try to kill another vehicle, my wife sold the car, still running like a champ even if it looked rather lumpy.

I decided to buy her another Subaru because a) she really, really hated that Ford Ranger and b) I was now driving that Ford Ranger because of a). It turns out that I hated that truck, too. So I got her a new Subaru Outback, trading in the Ranger in the process. She got a Subaru again, I got my Ford Taurus back (she’d taken that and given me the Ranger).

My wife drove that Outback. And drove it. And drove it. She racked up a lot of miles on that car. When you drive 100 miles every day to work and back, the miles add up.  The car got regular service (my wife is adamant about getting all the recommended service on her vehicles). The car remained in perfect mechanical shape.

When the time came for our youngest girl to need her own wheels, my wife went out one day and came back with a new Subaru Outback. The youngest daughter had her car. My wife had a new one.

Things went on, daughter driving herself now. Growing up, graduating high school mid-year, getting ready to go to college. She went out on an errand with one of her friends earlier this week, driving the Subaru.

And hit a patch of ice at highway speed on the interstate. The car rolled three times before coming to rest on the shoulder.

My daughter and her friend walked away from the wrecked car without a scratch.

My wife likes Subaru vehicles.

So do I.

To the folks at the Subaru plant in Indiana who built the car that saved my baby girl’s life, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We just found our daughter a used car to replace the one that was wrecked in the accident.

It’s a Subaru.

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7 Responses to A Personal Note

  1. Tully says:

    I’m a fan too. I’ve driven two Subarus into the ground. One old-type wagon, one Legacy wagon. My daughter starts driving this year, and I’m keeping my eyes open for a decent used Suabru…

  2. Phineas says:

    Glad to hear your daughter and her friend came through ok! I’m a fan of Hondas, myself. Had an 86 Accord that ran like a champ until just this last year.

  3. chuck says:

    Maybe you should buy the kids a couple of surplus tanks.

  4. BlogDog says:

    I’m past my days of driving fast – apart from long highway trips – so my Y2K Outback (2.5 L normally aspirated 4 cylinder) has been marvelous. I’m delighted to hear that (stealing a march on The Who) the kids are all right.
    My next car (2020?) is going to be another Outback or whatever version of that Subaru is selling then.

  5. B.B. says:

    The wife (soon to be ex) drives a Subaru, an ’05 Legacy Outback Wagon. I don’t lose any sleep wondering about her and the boy.

  6. Phil says:

    I have a 2006 Outback, bought to replace my 2000 Outback. It was doing just fine at 149K miles when it was wrecked by a driver who fell asleep on the interstate and hit me, totaling both cars. My Outback spun 360 degrees, didn’t roll (thank you low center of gravity). I had bruises on the backs of my legs and was stiff for a couple of days. I like Subarus, too.

  7. Jimmy don\'t play that says:

    Subies get a bad rap as being a liberal chick car, but are de rigeur in snowier climes, especially with the right tires and attention to maintenance.

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