“No Global Warming Since 1995”

So says Dr. Phil Jones, the scientist at the center of the leaked emails form the Climate Research Unit. Despite admitting that, Dr. Jones continues to insist that global warming is happening and is man made. But he also admits he’s lost all the data.

So we’ll have to take it on faith.

No thanks.

The entire theory of anthropogenic global warming is built off data that is conveniently lost. We’re supposed to just believe even though there has been no actual warming in 15 years. We’re supposed to just submit to radical social engineering experiments based on our trust in scientists who have been actively lying to us for the past decade and a half.

No thanks.

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6 Responses to “No Global Warming Since 1995”

  1. Tully says:

    The dog ate my data!

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  3. ropelight says:

    Tully, is your dog a Democrat?

  4. memomachine says:


    Dr. Jones has a problem.

    If he admits that he falsified data, manipulated the peer-review process, intimidated publications, aggressively marginalized skeptics, illegally failed to fulfill legally mandated FOI requests, etc etc etc then his career is completely and utterly over.

    And no more gravy train.

    Or …. he can admit to be a complete doofus and beg for forgiveness and understanding.

    And the gravy train -might- still continue a few years down the line when the heat of the moment is off and attention wanders.

    Frankly he’s guilty of the first, but trying the second to save his hide.

  5. Tully says:

    Not sure, ropelight. True, he depends on me for almost everything, but he does do his job well. So I can’t be sure.

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